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About us

Foster Fast Food
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Founded in 1985 by Maurice Van Hoof as a specialist in offering fast food concepts. Maurice had experience as he was at the basis of the start-up of one of the biggest leaders in fast food here in Belgium.

The company has been located in the industrial zone of Mechelen North since 1996. In 2002 Maurice passed the torch to his son Harry Van Hoof. Since then, the company has grown strongly and expanded to a new building nearby.


Since the end of 2021, Foster Fast Food has been part of the Bidfood group, with Harry as site manager.

Fast Food specialist

Are you looking for a specific product or the right equipment? We think together with you every step of the way and provide tailor-made advice. You can contact us for your search.



As a food supplier, Foster Fast Food meets the requirements of a BRC-certificate.

BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a standard or specifications drawn up by the organization of British retailers. Its purpose is to draw up a uniform set of requirements that their food suppliers must meet in the field of food safety and quality. This standard has since been adopted by a large number of Belgian retailers. In short, these are the requirements:

  • Adhere to the nutritional standards of traded products
  • Drawing up a motivated HACCP system
  • Draw up a detailed and motivated quality management system
  • Comply with the standards for the design of the buildings and installations, good hygiene practices and production
  • Adhere to a food defense plan

Quality & taste

Foster Fast Food attaches great importance to quality. We set the bar high for ourselves and for our suppliers. Our products are usually made to our own specifications, and each supplier is thoroughly screened in advance. This focus on quality earned us a BRC certificate in 2010, a quality label that we are proud of.

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